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Zhejiang Taixing Child's Toys Co.,LTD.Located in Taishun, Zhejiang, a beautiful place known asthe hometown of bridges. specializes in the production and export of bamboo children toys and wooden children toys. Founded in 2003, the company was transformed from its predecessor, Taishun Xinxing Children Toys Factory established in 1988, to be a self-run self-financing corporate enterprise. By efficiently utilizing local resources, the company is engaged in deep processing of bamboo products and wooden products to improve the additional value of resources. From small to large and from pure processing to product diversification, it has stepped on a developing road of constant innovation and improvement.


I.Production and Management
Until 2009, the company had a total capital of 26.43 million yuan, a floor area of 22,644 square meters, a plant area of 22,000 square meters and more than 560 staff and is equipped with many advanced production facilities such as automatic shearing machines, automatic paint spraying machines, automatic sanding machines, automatic paint rolling machines and computer sculpturing machines.


Founded in 2003, Zhejiang Taixing Children Toys Co., Ltd. was transformed from its predecessor, Taishun Xinxing Children Toys Factory established in 1988, and its Chairman and general manager is Zheng Qiping.


Through years of endeavor, Taishun Xinxing Children Toys Factory was founded in 1993, transforming from a family workshop type factory to a toy company with certain scale and gradually forming the operation philosophy of “Thinking is Key to the Way out, Detail is Key to Success”. Thus the company stood out in fierce market competition and ranked top in local toy industry, while always mainting a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We strive to stay at the forefront of our industry by utilisng the most modern production equipment, operated by experienced engineers.


In order to keep pace with the development trend, Xinxing Children Toys Factory was reconstructed to Zhejiang Taixing Children Toys Co., Ltd. in 2003. In recent years, the company has made tremendous development, with the scale expanding continuously and the economic benefit growing year by year. In 2009, it realized sales revenue of 42.97 million yuan, tax payment of 7.96 million yuan and foreign exchange of 6.32 million dollars. In the first nine months of 2010, it realized sales revenue of 32.64 million yuan, tax payment of 5.17 million yuan and foreign exchange of 4.8 million dollars.


III.Constant Improvement, Continuous Innovation
The company has a research and development team which has rich experience and enterprising and innovative spirit and grasps leading technologies, and a management team integrating modern worlds ‘best-practice’ and process. The products, with more than 60 series, more than 260 varieties and 6 large classes, mainly includes children toy boxes, children tables and seats, children hangers, children drawing boards, children toy shelves and children beds. Moreover, catering for the requirements of customers, the company can customize various wooden children toys. The products with cartoon images adored by children, have been exported to many developed countries in Europe and North America. In recent years, according to the market trend, the company is devoted to establishing famous brands. In 2008, the “Xiaomulang” combination cabinet was awarded “High-quality Prize of International Forest Product Expo of Yiwu, China”.


The company has been certified by ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System and ICTI and the exported products in accordance with EN 71 and ASTMF 963, which greatly enhance the strength of the company in international market competition and win the trust of customers. In 2005, it became a supplier of Wal-Mart, the biggest supermarket chain in the world. Along with the continuous growth and expansion, now it has five branches, greatly improving the production capacity.


IV.Repay the Society, Boom Local Economy
The development of the company and the continuous expansion of the scale also contribute to the development of the local forestry industry. The company uses high density fiberboard and abundant masson pine path intermediate cutting wood as main raw materials. To guarantee the raw material supply and protect environment, we adopt the mode of “company + base + farmer + processing center” and build forest supply bases in many places such as Luoyang, Xiahong, Shantouji, Siqian by cooperating with farmers. The forest supply bases, with a total area of 13,000 mu and an earlier-stage raising fund of 1.5 million yuan invested by the company, is guided by the company technologically and planted by farmers and the produced raw woods are purchased by the company according to the protective price. Therefore, the raw material supply of the company is guaranteed, the profits of the farmers are greatly improved and local environment get well protected . The county, located in mountainous area, is rich in pine wood resources; however, due to backwards transportation and lack of information, farmers mainly depended on selling raw woods to earn a limited amount of money before the development of wood product industry. Based on the wood supply bases, farmers ran semi-finished product processing center spontaneously to process the raw woods into semi-finished products with greatly increased additional value. Under the technical guidance of the company, more than 20 semi-finished processing centers (each center has 10 to 15 people) are set up successively, providing jobs for more than 1,500 people with a per capita income of 5,000 yuan per year and benefiting more than 1,300 peasant households equally 5,000 people. Compared with selling raw woods, this mode increases the per capita income of farmers by 3,000 to 10,000 yuan. In 2008, the procurement expenditure of agriculture products reached 25 million yuan, which strongly pushes forward the development of the local forestry industry and effectively promotes agriculture efficiency and farmer income. Thus, the company has won the praise and trusts of farmers and the mode has been a good way to help farmers get rid of poverty and become better off. At the same time, the forestry industry of the county is promoted and the double-harvest of social benefit and economic benefit is achieved.

V.Great Achievements
In recent years, with the care and support of governments at all levels, the company has constantly expended its scale and constantly improved social benefits, and has been awarded “Wenzhou Advanced Credit-building Unit” for several times. From 2001 to 2007, the company was awarded “Taishun Agricultural Leading Enterprise”, “Advanced Private Enterprise”, “Key Industrial Enterprise” and “Agricultural Leading Enterprise of Hundred-leading Enterprise Project”. In 2006, the company was awarded “Zhejiang Forestry Key Leading Enterprise”. In 2008, the company was awarded “Zhejiang Agricultural Key Leading Enterprise”. In 2007, the company was awarded “Wenzhou Forestry Key Leading Enterprise”, “Agricultural Leading Enterprise of Wenzhou Hundred-leading Enterprise Project”, “Wenzhou Excellent Enterprise”, “Wenzhou Excellent Innovation & Development Enterprise” and “Jiangsu AAA Taxpaying Credit Enterprise”. In 2009, the company was awarded “Zhejiang Forestry Key Leading Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Agricultural Science Enterprise” and “Provincial Science and Technology R & D Building Center”. “Xiaomuliang” children furniture, the private brand of the company, has won golden prize and high-quality prize of Forest Expo (International) of Yiwu, China.


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