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Enterprise Value
·Special design for children   ·Concentration on children’s lifestyle   ·Specialized children furniture supplier

Enterprise Ideal
·Providing a healthy and happy life style for children

Enterprise Goal
·To be a Chinese famous brand of children furniture   ·To be a channel portal of Chinese children furniture industry

Enterprise Mission
·Make the customer more satisfied   ·Make the staff happier   ·Make the society better

Operation Philosophy
·Common Improvement of Brand and Quality   ·Common Growth of Talents and Career   · Common Achievements of Spirit and Material

Enterprise Core Competence
·Learning Team   · Sustainable Business Mode   ·Unique Resource

Enterprise Work Style
·Serious, Fast, Promise-keeping

Three Attitude
·No Impossibility, No Excuse,  Guarantee Finishing the Task

The Embodiment of Enterprise Culture
1、Responsibility:Insist the highest standard of company morality; realize the promises to the society and customers.
2、Credit:Credit First, Credit Foremost, Credit is the core of Enterprise Culture.
3、Efficiency:Achieve maximized result by minimized resources
4、Learning:Improve the ability of self advancement.
5、Passion:“Xiaomulang” is devoted to keeping entrepreneurial passion to keep pace with great development of the enterprise.
6、Innovation:Innovation is the new integration of old resources and the soul of the development of “Xiaomulang” and is best embodied in the idea of “Advance with the Times”.
7、Practicality:Do Things Pragmatically and Correctly.
8、Customer :First: Be customer-oriented, give priority to customer satisfaction.

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